The rules of communication have changed the power is with the people

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Public Relevance™

We turn business and regulatory challenges into issues of public interest, creating jeopardy and giving policymakers cause to rethink. Because if the people care, then so will the decision makers.

We identify what really matters to the public and develop intelligence-led campaigns to harness popular opinion.

Our proprietary research and data tools inform our strategies and create messaging that challenges consensus and rebalances arguments.

We align our clients’ ambitions with public attitudes and achieve cut-through where traditional communications approaches have failed.

Our innovative approach to Public Relevance™ is a proven way of solving complex reputational problems and creating magnetic connections with people.

The people and the media do care when government and policy makers get things wrong

but no one cares about complaining corporations

If the people care, then so will decision-makers


We are agile and switched-on, combining high-level strategic advice with practical execution in multiple markets. Our global network of likeminded professionals are hand-picked to deliver results. We draw on decades of experience in journalism, communications, advertising and consultancy to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Our services

Discover what people think about issues and brands

Reveal what drives engagement with ideas and arguments

Identify the unmet demands for relevant content

Delineate target audiences, channels and networks of influence

”SPQR. They are the special forces of communication and PR”


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