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Public Relevance™

We turn business and regulatory challenges into issues of public interest; creating jeopardy and giving policy-makers cause to rethink.

The regulatory power of governments are reaching further than ever before, just look at COVID-19 and the curbs being placed on many corporations and industries deemed harmful. Some believe this is the right approach and that the end justifies the means, but businesses need to be concerned when ideological and emotional responses to issues drive policy. Evidence and proof points should drive effective policy interventions to provide better regulation.

Corporations and brands are often challenged by a dynamic environment in which reputation is defined more by public opinion, the media and interest groups than the facts. Misinformation can result in lasting damage to the reputation and value of corporations and business.

We take the news, identify and analyse the issues and build messaging to facilitate positive outcomes.

Working with senior corporate communications teams to build adaptive, powerful strategies and campaigns that redress the balance and reshape the debate.

Your partnership with SPQR Communications will make your business' regulatory issues matter to all your stakeholders, highlighting the importance of implementing smarter, evidence-based regulations rather than simply imposing more stringent restrictions.

It will allow you to make the case for why you should be free to operate responsibly in order to create the opportunities for growth and job creation that economies in a post-COVID-19 world so desperately need.

The people and the media do care when government and policy makers get things wrong

but no one cares about complaining corporations

If the people care, then so will decision-makers


We make business and regulatory issues publicly relevant

Our innovative approach to building Public Relevance™ is a proven way to rebalance the argument, closing the gap between the needs of our clients and the aspirations of policymakers, no matter how well intentioned.

Using appropriate regional and global examples, our messaging relates to specific issues and news stories.

We take the news, identify and analyse the issues and build messaging to facilitate positive outcomes.

When traditional communication approaches are struggling to get through, we tailor our approach to create communication campaigns that cut through and change public opinion.

We operate an agile communications approach; SPQR driving the overall strategy and engagement approach, working with partners on the ground against specific and measurable objectives.

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Corporate communications, campaigning and activation

Digital insight and engagement

International Media Relations

Brand and Marketing consultancy

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